Future Tense

Future Tense 1990

After receiving a vivid vision of the Rapture, a Christian college student records an urgent audio cassette message describing end time events and sharing the Gospel with his unbelieving family.

The Johnstown Monster

The Johnstown Monster 1971

Nothing ever happens in the village of Johnstown and even the tourists bypass it. However, one day a youngster takes a photograph of the lake which indicates that the legendary Johnstown Monster might be more than a legend after all.

Treehouse Trolls Birthday Day

Treehouse Trolls Birthday Day 1992

It's Birthday day on the Forest of Fun and Wonder, the day when everyone celebrates their birthday, and THE TREEHOUSE TROLLS invite Jackie and Lisa to the party. But the mean old queen puts the "Royal Phooey" on Birthday Day and all the celebrations are cancelled!

The Camerons

The Camerons 1974

Three children on holiday uncover plot to hi-jack secret jet aircraft.

Rock N Learn Alphabet Fun

Rock N Learn Alphabet Fun

Young learners join Alphabet Al on an exciting trip to the circus. Children learn the alphabet and begin building letter-sound associations fundamental for reading. Attention-grabbing acrobats, crazy clowns, elephants, dancing dogs, and other amazing performers keep preschoolers entertained and help build vocabulary. This home edition features highlights from Rock N Learn Alphabet Circus.

Where's Johnny?

Where's Johnny? 1974

Adventure story for children about the accidental discovery of a formula for invisibility and the attempts of a couple of crooks to misuse it.

The Trouble with 2B

The Trouble with 2B 1972

It isn't really the fault of the children in 2B that their efforts to be helpful end in disaster.



A recently divorced narcissist is confronted about his extramarital affair by his estranged 13-year-old son.

Divoký koník Ryn

Divoký koník Ryn 1982

Several of the works of writer Bohumil Říha have been filmed. This novel by the pro-regime writer also inspired a children’s film, which was directed in 1981 by the experienced family filmmaker Václav Gajer. The story takes place in 1947 and it is based on the popular model of the relationship between a human hero and an indomitable animal protagonist. The tale of the freedom necessary for life, is, of course, beholden to the standards of the time: the Hucul horse that heals an old villager, has remained in the small village in Šumava after the Soviet soldiers have left. This is a pleasing movie that engages with the acting performance of Zdeněk Řehoř and the depiction of the indisputable beauty of the Šumava landscape as shot by cameraman Jan Němeček.

On the Track

On the Track 1978

Film set after World War II. A group of kids notice a shady new resident in their neighborhood.

Red Agate

Red Agate 1973

Young girl is looking for the rare red agate which she believes will cure her grandfather.