Sukha Dukhalu 1967

Vanishree plays the role of a young college girl from a middle class family. She is being taken care by a her older brother (who is also young, no parents ). She goes on a college tour and one of her classmates takes advantage of her when both end up alone. She gets pregnant and the classmate refuses to marry her. She is a singer and sings on Radio.

Koto Orun 1989

Set in the pre-colonial era, a certain village was besieged by witches who torment the villagers at will. Although the evil witches are often confronted by the good ones, referred to as “aje funfun” (the white witches) in the movie, it wasn’t enough to rid the town of these evil ones’ infestation. However, in response to the plight of the people of the village, the gods promised them a saviour who will be delivered by one of the kings wives that will conquer the evil witches. So the witches, including the king’s first wife, came up with schemes after schemes to kill the prophesised bearer of the messiah.

Follow That Goblin 1992

A singing, dancing and rapping extravaganza erupts when Scott and his sister Abby tour the haunted house on Halloween night. The two are trapped in the murky mansion when they stop to help Herbert the Goblin, a hapless haunt who's lost the will to frighten. He teaches the monsters how to be truly scary and save the house

Fireman Sam: In Action 1996

Fireman Sam In Action is a 1996 live-action stage play and a 62-minute film featuring three stories, Fire Station Flood Alert, Dilys’ Attic Fire and Pontypandy Fireworks Party. It was especially filmed for video, based on the Welsh stop-motion TV series, Fireman Sam.

The Stolen Nose 1956

Karl, Katrinchen and Spatz are visiting their grandmother every christmas. The small village is covered up by snow and so the three kids build a snowman. When they look at it the next morning, his nose - a carrot - is gone. The kids give the snowman a new nose and stay up late that day to look out for the thief.

Watch Out 1953

Escapades of Dickie Duffle, handyman, as he tours a film studio.

A Winter Morning 1967

A little girl named Katherine saved one boy's life during the bombing in Leningrad while under the Siege in WWII. The boy cannot speak yet. So she gave him a name Seryozha and provided him with food and care. She was later adopted by the boy's father, who recognized his son.

The Boy and the Dragon 1962

It is Arild's birthday, but his father has forgotten this and goes to work as usual. The mother is in the hospital to give birth. In the afternoon father and son visit the mother in the hospital. This was Bo Widerberg's debut film.

The Hidden Dimension 1998

They're always there, you just have to know how to look for them. What are they? They're the fascinating sights and realms 11-year-old Elly sees via powerful electron microscopes.

Five on a Treasure Island 1957

A story of the location of shipwrecked treasure (gold ingots) being hunted down by 4 children George, Julian, Dick and Ann (sic) and their dog Tim up against a couple of machinating baddies...