Modern School 1909

The great men of letters and military conquest pose on subsequent pages of a very special history book.

The Secret Kingdom 1925

A wealthy man who acquires a mind-reading machine is soon horrified to discover what people are really thinking.

Next Door Neighbors 1909

An elderly couple gets nosy and want to know what the two young lovers are doing next door. So, they decide to drill a hole in the wall. They are discovered and the young couple use a trick to play a joke on them--as all the older couple see is strange animation. They get the concierge, but when he peeks through, all he sees is the couple.

Eldsjälen 2000

In a near future the government decides to save money on psychiatric care. Josh, a mute war victim, is let out on the cold, gritty streets where he befriends the beautiful Maria who hides a horrible secret.

The Little Match Girl 1954

Adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of a destitute little girl who sells matches, and uses them to escape the cold on Christmas Eve, whisking her into fantasies of seeing Santa Claus and her lost mother.

Brains Repaired 1911

Depicts a doctor looking into his patient's brain and seeing a collection of hideous and grotesque figures.

Buried Treasure 1921

Strung around the idea of reincarnation, this film goes back in time to the days of the Spanish galleons and pirates burying their treasure; treasure to be found centuries later.

The Return of Peter Grimm 1926

"Old Peter Grimm makes his ward Katie promise to marry his nephew Frederik [ sic ] and then dies. Frederik proves to be a scapegrace and Peter's spirit returns to right matters and finally succeeds in doing so by communicating with Jimmie who is in a delirium." ( Moving Picture World, 20 Nov 1926, p164.) Peter thus thwarts selfishness and greed and rewards virtue.

Abigail's Giant

An old Hispanic folktale about a child-stealing witch becomes real in the life of a little girl who's caught between her parent's crumbling marriage and the creatures that torment her.

Hello Dracula 3: Magical Priest 1988

Grandfather meets his match when he meets Master Flying Squirrel. Master Flying Squirrel captures Grandpa and transforms him into a ghostslave. Tien Tien turns to grandfather old classmate to defeat the Flying Squirrel and absolve grandfather.

Bajrangbali 1976

Bhagwan Shri Bajrangbali has had super-natural powers at a very young age which includes swallowing the sun, lifting mountains, just to name a few. Bajrangbali has always regarded the skies and universe as his playground and could leap and fly around at will. Bajrangbali makes it his duty to serve Bhagwan Shri Ram all days in his life. He will make this comes to light when Ram's wife, Devi Maa Sita, has been kidnapped by Shivbakht Ravan, and is being held captive in far off Lanka.

Greed 1985

To succeed to his father, Lid Kyle sets out a journey to defeat the incarnation of the evil that seems to dominate the world. Longn and Mimau also began to journey to achieve his father’s will. On their way, Key and Bagda join them. They overcome some difficulties, and finally they met Vaii, the evil. They managed to beat Vaii, but it still doesn't solve their problem....

Hollywood: The Movie 1996

An ambitious filmmaker sets out to make an avant-garde film but soon learns the only way he can secure financing is if he shows Jessica Hahn's breasts. Also, two old women are magically transformed into young starlets.

Alice in Wonderland 1955

A young girl named Alice falls down a rabbit-hole and finds herself in Wonderland, a fantasy land of strange characters and ideas.