Return of the Jeni 2010

The 2011 graduating class of Marquette University High School struggles against the tyrannical rule of it's teachers and faculty. They fight back using Green Day and Twisted Sister song parodies and eventually lightsabers and laser guns.

The Wish 2012

A man is thrown into a new dimension of isolation between light and shadow, where there are no exits, where fear replaces knowledge and science, where he must fight his imagination and his thoughts, to find a way back to the real world.

On the Shoulders of Giants 2012

Starship Andromeda propelled by the revolutionary new Einstein-Rosen (ER) drive completes its maiden voyage and is swiftly reassigned to rescue the top-secret research vessel Leviathan, which disappeared fifteen years earlier. The Andromeda's crew locates the missing ship but quickly discover the Leviathan's mysterious sole survivor harbours terrifying secrets...

Shadoevision 1986

West Coast radio and TV personality Shadoe Stevens created and stars in this surrealistic, sci-fi satire highlighted by animation, hyperspeed editing and special effects. TV stations throughout the world become jammed and the image of mild-mannered accountant Norm Jones suddenly appears on every screen. Shortly thereafter, the bewildered man is thrust into an alternate dimension and falls into the Shadoevision Worldview Auditorium where he finds himself strapped into a chair before a live audience. Held captive, Norm is at the mercy of the enigmatic, charismatic master of ceremonies, Djony Dakota. This bizarre host constantly subjects the assembled throng to an "evolutionary I.Q." test, a dazzling montage of visuals.

The Duplicate 2007

Journalist Karen Addams is fighting to keep her sanity -- it appears someone else has assumed her identity and is living her life better than she ever could. Losing a grip on her romance, her career and her friendships, Karen struggles to get her life back by exposing the impostor. But things take an unexpected turn when she discovers the true enemy is within herself!

Somnolence 2011

By 2031, the Earth has exhausted its supply of fossil fuels. With the world on the verge of collapse, nations from around the globe form a coalition called AREN; the 'Manhattan Project' of clean self-replenishing energy. When an experiment goes wrong that threatens the world's existence, David Canterra and a team of elite soldiers are sent on a mission to stop the anomaly. What they find is a mind-bending alternate dimension, and their only way home is through the fabric of time.

Infest Wisely 2007

A new, chewable nanotechnology lets people take pictures with their eyes and cures cancer. But the early adopters find out it's hard to uninstall something after it's spread through their bloodstream.

Zygon: When Being You Just Isn't Enough 2008

They've been stranded on Earth for 20 years, so Zygon commander Kritakh, and his second, Torlakh, have had plenty of time to re-create their world. The trouble is that Kritakh, aka engineer Mike Kirkwood, has lost his sense of purpose. Can Torlakh, aka mass murderer Bob Calhoun, get him back on track. Enter sexy Psychiatrist Lauren Anderson, first, to be tempted by her innermost desires and then to face her greatest challenge. Can a violent heart really be tamed by love and what is the ultimate price to be paid?

Good Morning Althea 1987

The story revolves around Nikolai, apparently a part-cyborg; Galory, a young boy who apparently is part human/part Crest person, and Althea, who is entirely a Crest person. Seems the Earth and the Crest people were at war for 300 years so there's still a lot of bad feelings present. The ship Galory, Nikolai and others are on is ambushed and almost everyone killed by some kind of automated attack ships from a huge Crest ship that has been taken over by an automaton. Galory, Nikolai and Althea go to the ship to try and see if there are any survivors of an advanced party from Galory's ship that can be saved, and to see if they can destroy the Type 38 automaton in the ship's core.

My Room 2008

A single mother (Óluva Johannessen) is frustrated to see her son (Sámal H.Hansen) lonely and unhappy, so she decides to buy him a new computer that is so brilliantly designed that it can give her son everything he longs for. A computer that can give him love and deeper understanding.

Kigai (Paranormal Town) Vol. 1 2008

Bizarre water starts attacking people. Miki, a fan of paranormal phenomenon, stands up to find out what's going on. Victims have one thing in common; try to catch Hekiru. While Miki protects her, the water attacks Reiko. Without Reiko's help, Miki and Hekiru get isolated. In the 11th hour Hekiru transforms into a monster. A man in black is watching Hekiru, now a monster, from a distance. The Self Defense Force attacks Hekiru.