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Born to Be Blue

Love is instramental
Born to Be Blue
Jazz legend Chet Baker finds love and redemption when he stars in a movie about his own troubled life to mount a comeback.
Title Born to Be Blue
Release Date 2015-09-13
Genres Drama Music
Production Companies Lumanity Production, New Real Films
Production Countries Canada, United Kingdom


> Behind this man's success there was a woman and other things. This is not a bad semi-biographical music-drama with a little romance in it, but many of us have no idea of its existence because it is not a Hollywood. For me it was just an above average, because of the first 30 minutes. In those narrations it was very boring, you know a film needs a good opening and this film's first impression failed. But next one hour, till the final scene was much better. Except I hated the whispering dialogues which this film had everywhere. I don't know who is Chet Baker, thanks to this film for introducing him to me. This story is no special compared to other biopics related to music and singing. Like fame and drugs taking over the career where one struggles to rise back from the fall. This is the same old crap, except it is a jazz theme, but everything was lightly portrayed without making much complication. I mean it centres only on the romance and music, everything else was never given preference. Except in parts where the couple seeks support from the outside world like the opportunities and meeting their parents. The film focused only a certain stage of the life of Chet. It is very sad not knowing his earlier life as well as his Europe settlement in the later on which looks much more interesting than what they narrated in this. Ethan Hawke was great as usual and so his co-stars. There's no harm for once viewing, but some people feel it more depressing than enjoyable or entertaining. So the film is for the selected audience and make sure you're one of them before going for it. 6/10

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